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Hold the Line

Hold the Line
SEJ / Stephanie Tyler LLC
November 10, 2014

Inked, Book 1

Holding on loosely has never been such a challengeā€¦

What happens when a tattoo artist and a Delta Force soldier keep a promise and take a cross-country trip together? Quinn and Con are about to finally meet and find out. Quinn thinks heā€™s the responsible one, but he quickly learns that he needs to loosen up if heā€™s got any shot of holding onto Con.

Danger Zone***

This novella was originally part of the Danger Zone anthology (no longer available), with all proceedsĀ donated to Hope For The Warriors. Ā When I first made HoldĀ The Line available on its own,Ā again allĀ proceeds for the first (almost two years) were donated to Hope For The Warriors as well. Ā 

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